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“Sad Train Man Game” was my first ever solo game jam game.

You play a passenger on a train who is trying to cheer up another who is sad and crying.

The intended design was that there are various items littered along the train; a guitar, a silly hat, a rubber ring, a foam finger, fireworks etc. which the player could interact with.  The player could then place these items on the sad passenger in an attempt to cheer them up.

However it would always fail, creating a jarring but darkly humoured image of the sad passenger crying while wearing or holding the featured item.

After exhausting these items the player would then get an option to just “sit” next to the passenger ending the game. The hopeful realisation would be that you can’t just “fix” someone’s sadness, but instead just being there for them is enough.

Unfortunately this mechanic wasn’t finished in time and instead the outcome simply allows you to move and inhabit the space of the train while Aphex Twin’s “Aisatsana” plays.

But - I find this still creates an effecting and emotional impression, if only for a short time.

You can find out for yourself here.